For an island, there is actually quite a lot of choice when it comes to shopping.

Let’s start with the fun stuff and leave the practical things for later.

Tortola Pier Park

This is the newest addition to Tortola shopping.  Tortola Pier Park is open to everyone and houses 54 different shops.  Heading into town, take Waterfront Drive and just after the Road Town ferry terminal turn right at the light at Administration Drive.  The shopping park is located at the very end of this road along the water.  There you will find jewelry, perfume, clothing, shoes, restaurants, local arts and crafts, a pharmacy, the BVI Tourist Board and even a cigar bar.

Historic Main Street of Road Town

Also in Road Town but a “little” older is the historic section of Main Street.  One of our favorites is Hucksters and Island Roots Cafe.  They are located in the Old Customs House, and there is amazing coffee, sandwiches and other lighter fare to sit and enjoy while you gaze at the local artwork along the walls.  Next door you can find the new home for   EC Soap Co., also known as Eastern Caribbean Soap Company.  It is a locally owned company and carries organic toiletry items, a line of cleaning products and even food.  A bit further up the street is Serendipity, the bookstore on the island…so if you want to pick up something to wile away the hours, this is the place to find it.  As Road Town is the capital of the BVI there are many other shops along the streets, and tucked into the side streets.  Let us know if you find a new favorite.

Near the Road Town Ferry Terminal

Across the street and a little bit farther down the road from the ferry terminal you will find Nutmeg Designs and Images.   A very eco-friendly place, Nutmeg has functional items from recycled materials – think beautifully crafted handbags or toiletry kits from old sails or truck tarps and custom made furniture from reclaimed wood.  Images is an art gallery/framing store where you will find an eclectic collection of local artists’ work.

Wickhams Cay II

Just west of Road Town, further along Waterfront Drive, is Wickhams Cay II.

For shopping you have some great choices.  House is the quintessential home store with beautiful items to make each moment that much more special – from household goods to decorative items.  Their inventory is constantly changing.  Within House is an area dedicated to Hiho, a clothing store created by a family who moved to the BVI in 1969 and was inspired by the casual life here.

Road Reef Plaza

Headed west from Road Town, coming back towards Tingalayo on Waterfront Drive, you will pass a local hangout called “The Pub” on your left.  Shortly thereafter will be the small shopping complex of Road Reef Plaza on your left.  There is a smaller Riteway grocery store there and tucked inside, down the hall and through their back door is Arawak.  Officially known as a home goods store, its owner has relationships with carvers and craftsman in Bali and brings the Bali style to Tortola.  It has unique home decorative items and is a wonderful place to browse around.  Arawak also has apparel shops in Nanny Cay and Soper’s Hole.

Nanny Cay

If you continue west on Waterfront Drive, you will come upon Nanny Cay.  Turn left at the curved wall entrance on Waterfront Drive and head toward the water.  There is a small shopping area to serve the boats coming in and out of the marina.  In the early 1960s a developer from the UK had the concept to build a marina out of three cays that existed on this spot.  Many years and adventures later, Nanny Cay is here and thriving.  There is a boatyard, marina, hotel and many service industries located on site.

Soper’s Hole Marina

Closest to Tingalayo is Soper’s Hole Marina.  If you look out at the vista from the Great House you can see the collection of boats across from the West End ferry terminal.  It is easy to get to.  Just go down the hill, turn right (remembering to drive on the left side of the road), and head toward the West End ferry terminal.  Hang a left at the large group of signage indicating what is to be found at Soper’s Hole.  After you cross the causeway, turn right and Soper’s Hole Marina is just up ahead.  There are some cute shops along the wharf for you to explore.

And if you want to carry a memory home with you, many of the photos shared on this website came from Don Hebert.  He does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the Virgin Islands on film.